A Dog's Eye View of Daycare! from Jared Kerr on Vimeo.

Check out the puppies of Philadelphia Pet Hotel and Villas and experience a day through their eyes with some GoPro footage!

A Dog's Eye View of Daycare

Check out this footage of Philadelphia Pet Hotel and Villas and get a 'dog's eye view' of a day in the life of a pup in our daycare program!

Philadelphai Pet Hotel and Villas is part of the same family and same facility of Philadelphia Animal Hospital.

P.P.H.V. offers boarding, grooming, and daycare. For those of you that already use the program, this might give you some insight into why your pups are exhausted when you pick them up - they spend all day having fun! We were able to capture a few minutes of that fun with our cameras and GoPro dog harness!

The animals are using the Joe Alymer Arena. This space is ulitized for your animals when the weather doesn't permit outdoor playtime. If you haven't already, stop in for a tour to see the entire facility! Just make sure you are your furkids make a trip to our office first, so that we can assure that they are in tip-top shape to play!

And rest assured! If playtime ever gets a bit rough, Philadelphia Animal Hospital is right next door to take care of all of your furbabies' bumps and bruises!