Philadelphia Animal Hospital Referral Program!

As a ‘thank you’ for spreading the word about our practice, we are pleased to announce the start of a referral program at Philadelphia Animal Hospital. Here’s how our program works:

Each new client you refer gets you a point. They need to fill out a referral form upon check in and write down your name and your pets name, and then you’ll receive one point!

When you refer 3 people you’ll get a $75 credit to use toward any bill or service at P.A.H.

You can check on your number of referrals during your office visit or if you pick up medicine or food. Make sure the name they give matches your name and your pet’s name on your file. If not, we won’t be able to keep track.

This is only for non-existing clients! Those filling out the referral form must have never  visited us before.

*The only time it will be monitored that you have a referral point is if the person you refer comes in and fills out a referral sheet with your name and your pet’s name on it; just mentioning your name will not earn you a point. The name must match the name on the pet’s file. Spouses or children’s names will not be credited towards your account. You may only check on the number of referrals you have during office visits. No information will be shared on the! phone. The person cannot be an existing client. The person can never have paid a bill at Philadelphia Animal Hospital - new clients only. New clients may only give credit to one existing client for the referral. *

Thanks for all of your help as we grow our practice!