Pack Members Assemble!

If you're a fan of our Facebook page, then you've probably been seeing daily updates of pooches coming in for the first time! We love to see new faces, and many of our new parents and foster parents end up becoming members of our 'pack' - an endearing name we've given to those families that stick with us! 

Our pack grows every day, and if you're a first timer, or even if you've been coming to us for years, we'd love to show off your furkids. Next time you stop in for a visit, or to pick up food or medicine, or just to say hello, ask one of the members of our staff to snap a picture, and we'll be sure to feature you on our site! You'll get a real sense of the family we have when you see all of the 'likes' and comments from fellow pack members!

If you have photos from the past you'd like to share as well, be sure to send them over to, and you might see your little one on our page as well!

Thank you to everyone that has let us show you off so far and we can't wait to see the rest of your furry faces!