Head's Up: Hill's Science Diet Changes


Hill's Science Diet has just notified our office that they will be making packaging and taste changes to their prescription diet foods!


"Taste upgrades will begin rolling out mid-January. Please be sure to have a minimum of two weeks' worth of meals before re-ordering your pet's next bag of food. This will allow for a slow transition to the new and IMPROVED diets.

The following products will require a transition period:  

        Feline             Canine

        c/d                    c/d

        c/d stress         i/d

         i/d                    k/d

         k/d                   metabolic

         m/d                  r/d 

         w/d                   w/d"


We are happy to provide you with any Hill's Science Diet product you need. Please call the office to order your new food/make upgrades at 215-724-5550.