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About one year ago, Philadelphia Animal Hospital opened the “Second Chance Pool,” for therapy, agility, and fun! We noticed that many people were using this pool to rehabilitate their animals, because of the ease of the resistance in the water…and so we decided it was time to grow our facility again to truly become a one-stop shop for your animal health needs!

The growing demand for therapy in the animal community has prompted us to open “Philly Pet Therapeutics” on our campus, expanding the ways in which we can cater to your pups!

Dr. Shir-Raz Har-Nir has joined our practice and is excited to help Philadelphia pets! Dr. Har-Nir completed her certification in canine rehabilitation institute where she earned her CCRI diploma, and can show you how therapy works!

At Philly Pet Therapeutics (also located on the same campus as Philadelphia Animal Hospital and Philadelphia Pet Hotel and Villas), we feature a state of the art under water treadmill, and lasers, as well as more traditional therapeutic exercising. 

In the event that your pooch needs surgery, has growing arthritis pain, or just needs to work off some extra pounds, therapy and rehabilitation is an excellent route. It can speed up recovery time, and ease the joints of animals who are getting older. 

For more information on how to sign up for these services, or just learn more about if rehabilitation and therapy is right for your pup, you can visit or call 215-530-3311!

Thank you so much, as always, for the opportunity to help your pets lead a happier and healthier life!


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If you're a fan of our Facebook page, then you've probably been seeing daily updates of pooches coming in for the first time! We love to see new faces, and many of our new parents and foster parents end up becoming members of our 'pack' - an endearing name we've given to those families that stick with us! 

Our pack grows every day, and if you're a first timer, or even if you've been coming to us for years, we'd love to show off your furkids. Next time you stop in for a visit, or to pick up food or medicine, or just to say hello, ask one of the members of our staff to snap a picture, and we'll be sure to feature you on our site! You'll get a real sense of the family we have when you see all of the 'likes' and comments from fellow pack members!

If you have photos from the past you'd like to share as well, be sure to send them over to, and you might see your little one on our page as well!

Thank you to everyone that has let us show you off so far and we can't wait to see the rest of your furry faces!



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A Dog's Eye View of Daycare! from Jared Kerr on Vimeo. Check out the puppies of Philadelphia Pet Hotel and Villas and experience a day through their eyes with some GoPro footage!

Check out this footage of Philadelphia Pet Hotel and Villas and get a 'dog's eye view' of a day in the life of a pup in our daycare program!

Philadelphai Pet Hotel and Villas is part of the same family and same facility of Philadelphia Animal Hospital.

P.P.H.V. offers boarding, grooming, and daycare. For those of you that already use the program, this might give you some insight into why your pups are exhausted when you pick them up - they spend all day having fun! We were able to capture a few minutes of that fun with our cameras and GoPro dog harness!

The animals are using the Joe Alymer Arena. This space is ulitized for your animals when the weather doesn't permit outdoor playtime. If you haven't already, stop in for a tour to see the entire facility! Just make sure you are your furkids make a trip to our office first, so that we can assure that they are in tip-top shape to play!

And rest assured! If playtime ever gets a bit rough, Philadelphia Animal Hospital is right next door to take care of all of your furbabies' bumps and bruises! 

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We've been nominated for the Philly Happening List!

"Philly Happening is Philadelphia’s premier digital magazine.  We share valuable insights about dining, culture, shopping, entertainment and events. The Philly Happening team is dedicated to keeping you in the know about everything happening in Philly!

We are proudly written by locals, for locals."

The Happening List is Philly's People's Choice competition. It features all of the best Philly people, places, businesses, and events. From the most loved restaurants to Philly’s favorite yoga studio to the most happening family event in the city! We'd be honored to win this award because it is hosted BY the people FOR the people!

Voting lasts through February! Thank you so much, and happy voting!

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February is National Pet Dental Health Month. Puppy breath can be cute, but as your pets age, that bad breath might be a sign of something more serious. In this article, we'll go over signs to look for as well as the procedure and importance of scheduling a dental.

Poor dental care, in the long run, creates diseases not only in the mouth, but also in the heart. Bacteria from the teeth can attach to the valve of the heart and create a condition known as endocarditis. 

So what can you do to prevent these diseases?

1. First thing is first: be aware of your pet's dental health. Check their mouth frequently for signs of bad breath, swollen gums, visible tartar, or teeth than seem to be loose. If you notice your pet having issues eating food (especially dry food), or yelping after a quick chew on a favorite toy, these are all signs that a trip to the vet is in order.

2. Brushing your animal's teeth can be a very important step. We recommend you brush their mouth 2-3 times per week, or even more frequently, if your animal eats a wet food. Dry food helps knock bacteria off of the teeth, which doesn't happen with a wet diet. As an addition, use a hard play toy: any of the Nylabone products are safe and effective for the reduction of tartar. However, brushing and chewing are only preventative measures, not fixes: if tartar is visible, brushing will do no good. 

3. Book a dental procedure at our office. Before the procedure, it is highly recommended that the animal get blood work done. During this procedure, your pet will be anesthetized and intubated, and hooked up to monitors that are closely watched by our veterinary technicians. One of our veterinarians will then use a pressurized water applicator to ultrasonically remove the bacteria from the tooth surface and beneath the gum line. They will also examine each tooth to determine if any extractions are necessary. Extractions can be a result of a loose tooth, or fractured enamel that is exposing the root canal or pulp. This can lead to a tooth abscess, if not removed.  

4. A dental is a same-day procedure. You can pick you pet up after they have awoken from the anesthetic, with a brighter, cleaner smile. 

If you have any questions, or wish to book a dental exam, please call the office at 215-724-5550.

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Experience the Philadelphia Flyers with 12 of Your Friends in a Private Suite!
On Sunday, April 5th at 7:30, the Philadelphia Flyers take on the Pittsburg Penguins, and our entire suite is up for grabs!
Starting today, the Philadelphia Animal Hospital and Philadelphia Pet Hotel and Villas Suite, number 63, is being auctioned off. This suite contains seating for 12 guests, and will be fully catered.
All of the money made from this auction will directly benefit The City of Elderly Love; a non-profit organization that we often team up with, to provide care for the abandoned elderly animals in our community.
The retail value of this box is $3,000.00, and the minimum bid is $500.00.  Bids will only be accepted on The Philadelphia Animal Hospital facebook. The auction will run until March 1st at 12:01 am. The winner will be announced on our facebook and website.
Thank you to everyone who has been supporting us in our endeavors to better the community, and good luck! 
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Hill's Science Diet has just notified our office that they will be making packaging and taste changes to their prescription diet foods!


"Taste upgrades will begin rolling out mid-January. Please be sure to have a minimum of two weeks' worth of meals before re-ordering your pet's next bag of food. This will allow for a slow transition to the new and IMPROVED diets.

The following products will require a transition period:  

        Feline             Canine

        c/d                    c/d

        c/d stress         i/d

         i/d                    k/d

         k/d                   metabolic

         m/d                  r/d 

         w/d                   w/d"


We are happy to provide you with any Hill's Science Diet product you need. Please call the office to order your new food/make upgrades at 215-724-5550.



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The Philadelphia Animal Hospital Wellness Program

Philadelphia Animal Hospital is offering a brand new Wellness Program to benefit the clients that frequent our clinic! This wellness program is designed for recurrent hospital visits and to help defray the cots of routine check ups, blood work and x-rays. This plan in no way covers the complete cost of pet health care. This plan entitles you to ONLY the following. All other goods, services, and product etc are excluded.

This plan costs $200.00 (or appx $16.66 per month) for one calendar year (2015).

-Unlimited office visits for one calendar year (usual $35 a visit).

-10% off of blood work 

-25% off of x-rays

-One fecal sample per calendar year 

-One heart worm test per calendar year

  • The voucher lasts for one calendar year (January 1st 2015 - December 31st 2015).
  • This membership may only be purchased up front - a one time purchase that lasts you for one calendar year. 
  • There are no payment plans.
  • This purchase is not transferrable to family or friends - it can only be used by you.
  • Each voucher is applicable to only one animal. You may purchase this option for every animal you own ($200 - first pet. $125 for each additional pet). 
  • This program covers office visits only for one calendar year (until December 31st 2015). Other services or products will incur charges that are not covered under the program.
  • You will receive 25% off of x-rays.
  • You will receive 10% off of blood work
  • One fecal sample per year (per animal) included. 
  • One heart worm test for the year (per animal) included. 
  • You may visit the office as often as you’d like (anal sacks, nail trims, wellness checks etc).  
  • Depending on when you sign up, you will be financially prorated the # of months that have already passed in the year (i.e. if you sign up on March 1st, your total would be $166.68)
  • This plan does not automatically roll-over. You have the option of re-signing up after the end of the year.



Thank you to all of the members of our pack! Any questions? Don’t hesitate to call us at 215-724-5550

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Keeping your four legged family members safe during the holidays In Philadelphia can be a difficult task. There are the ornaments, holiday plants, presents, lights, tinsel, and the Christmas tree!  That's why our Veterinarians at Philadelphia Animal Hospital have put together a few simple steps that will allow your pet to join in the holiday fun this year, while avoiding any trips to our emergency room.
If a live tree is one of your family traditions, be sure to  keep the area free and clear of pine needles. While they may not seem dangerous, the pine needles can puncture your pet's intestines if ingested. Place your Christmas tree in a corner, blocked off from your pet's curious eyes. For added safety, try placing aluminum foil, a plastic drink bottle filled with pebbles, or any other noise maker to the tree's bottom limbs. This contraption can give you an extra warning if your pets get nosey! 

Decorations are another issue! Tinsel can add a nice shiny touch to the tree, but is dangerous for your pets! Ingesting the tinsel can potentially block their intestines, which is generally only remedied through surgery. Make sure you hang it up out of your pet's reach or do not use it at all. And keep those lights up on the high branches! Not only can your pet get tangled up in the lights, they are a burning hazard and if chewed on your pet may be in store for the shock of his life! 

And speaking of trees and plants - beware of what your pooch or kitty is nibbling on! Pine needles, poinsettias, holly, and mistletoe can all be toxic to your pets! Read this article for further signs and symptoms of plant toxicity and call us at Philadelphia Animal Hospital immediately if you notice your pet behaving strangely!

Are you doing the hosting for a big holiday feast? Be cautious of self-cleaning ovens! The fumes are deadly to all birds so be sure if you have an avian pet, that they are removed from the room (or even the house!) until the cleaning is complete. Be sure sure to check the manual on your oven to be sure you're taking the right steps in keeping your pet safe!

Those sweets are no treat for your babies. Chocolate, in a large enough quantity can be fatal to dogs. Be sure you don't have any little ones dropping their candies around where a pet is liable to pick it up. 

With guests coming and going out of your house, an open door can be an opportunity for adventurous pets to escape, especially in Philadelphia where many Row Homes border on on heavily trafficked roads. Make sure you pay careful attention to where your pooch or kitty is - even if hosting is your primary hat!

Philadelphia Animal Hospital wants you to go crazy decorating and sprucing up your home for the holidays. Use these tips, and you can do it in a way that is safe for your pets so all of you all can have a happy and healthy New Year!

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As a ‘thank you’ for spreading the word about our practice, we are pleased to announce the start of a referral program at Philadelphia Animal Hospital. Here’s how our program works:

Each new client you refer gets you a point. They need to fill out a referral form upon check in and write down your name and your pets name, and then you’ll receive one point!

When you refer 3 people you’ll get a $75 credit to use toward any bill or service at P.A.H.

You can check on your number of referrals during your office visit or if you pick up medicine or food. Make sure the name they give matches your name and your pet’s name on your file. If not, we won’t be able to keep track.

This is only for non-existing clients! Those filling out the referral form must have never  visited us before.

*The only time it will be monitored that you have a referral point is if the person you refer comes in and fills out a referral sheet with your name and your pet’s name on it; just mentioning your name will not earn you a point. The name must match the name on the pet’s file. Spouses or children’s names will not be credited towards your account. You may only check on the number of referrals you have during office visits. No information will be shared on the! phone. The person cannot be an existing client. The person can never have paid a bill at Philadelphia Animal Hospital - new clients only. New clients may only give credit to one existing client for the referral. *

Thanks for all of your help as we grow our practice!

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When news of the Ebola virus coming to the United States broke, people had many different reactions. What was incredible, however, was the story of the nurse in Texas who selflessly devoted her time and health to help the patient in the hospital who had been infected with the virus. Unfortunately, her good deed did not go unpunished, as she herself became infected with the Ebola virus not long after her patient had passed.

In the wake of her infection, her beloved dog, a King Charles Cocker Spaniel named Bently, became the center of attention. People were curious: could this dog be carrying the virus? If so, could he potentially infect other humans or pets? The dog was sentenced to a 21 day quarantine in which he would be looked after by those only wearing full protective gear.

Because this is such a hot topic, we here at Philadelphia Animal Hospital, a pet clinic in Southwest Philadelphia, thought that we should share some insight about Ebola and your pets.

It is important to note a few things: 

Pets, just like humans, cannot contract the virus unless they have come into full contact with a person who is already infected. Unless your pup is giving kisses to Ebola patients, he or she will not become ill. 

There have been several reports the dogs cannot catch the virus, anyway. Dr. Doug Aspros, spokesperson for the American Veterinary Medical Association, has been quoted saying, “"There is evidence that dogs in Africa exposed to animals who died from Ebola infections generated antibodies to the virus…There have been no human cases of Ebola associated with dogs…all dogs that were tested remained asymptomatic, there was no evidence of transmission.”

There have been horror stories coming from other countries that the pets of infected owners have been euthanized out of fear of contraction and transmission. The United States has called for a quarantine of pets belonging to infected owners, rather than euthanasia, just to be on the safe side.

What is most important to note, however, is that while your pooch may not be contracting Ebola in Philadelphia, there are other health risks. If your pet is showing signs of an illness or isn’t acting like their usual selves, it is important to get to a veterinarian and have your questions answered sooner, rather than later.

If you have any questions about the Ebola virus and how it could affect your pup, or if you have general health concerns, please feel free to call the office at 215-724-5550. 

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pool from Jared Kerr on Vimeo.

The Philadelphia Animal hospital is making big changes to become the best veterinary practice in Philadelphia!

In the past month, our small animal clinic has embraced our internet and social media presence. You can now find us on Google, Facebook, and Yelp, and we’ve even created a monthly newsletter! In the newsletter, you can find great deals on products and services and even contests for your animals! Sign up on our Facebook page or website today!

Off of the digital world, however, we’ve made improvements too. We’ve always had excellent dog and cat veterinarians and top of the line surgeons, but now we have a way to make sure that the turnaround time on rehabbing your baby after a surgery is expedited! With our brand new pool, we can service a number of ailments!

Filled with pet-friendly saline and covered by a retractable roof that allows us to utilize it year round, our hydrotherapy pool is the perfect solution to many canine problems. When animals sustain injuries to their hips, lower back, or legs, it can be hard for them to get back on all fours because of the high-impact on the joints as they try to walk or run. A pool allows them to move more freely. Using only water resistance, animals are able to have full motions of their joints and are freed of the weight bearing movements that can cause further damage.  Using water for therapy is also beneficial for anti-inflammatory purposes and can reduce swelling to the muscle tissue and increase blood-flow!

Could your pooch stand to lose a few pounds? The pool is a perfect place to increase exercise and is also fun! From Great Danes to Pomeranians, this pool is great for any dog breed. 

And don’t forget about Philadelphia Pet Hotel and Villas! Located on the same campus as our pet hospital, this state-of-the-art boarding facility provides the gold standard of day and overnight care of pets. You can also book swim sessions for your pups during their stays!

This month we have also partnered with a local group, the ‘City of Elderly Love: Save a Senior Pet’ for many of the proceeds that have come from the installation of this pool! During our grand opening, we were able to provide complimentary health care for several of their adopted elderly pets from donations and auction money from you, our fantastic clients! 

Thank you so much for those that have stuck with us this past year! This month was our one-year anniversary in our new building! Our brand new facility allows to to better serve you and your pets! Located only one mile from our old location, and approximately five miles from the Philadelphia International Airport, this new building features far more space and more veterinary hospital amenities.

To future clients: we cannot wait to meet you and have your pets join our pack! If you have any questions at all, do not hesitate to call us! 



The Veterinarians and Staff of Philadelphia Animal Hospital

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Cliff Anderson started his career training dogs in 1971. He served as a military dog instructor of Army infantry dogs, and police/detection until 1977.
Over the past thirty years Cliff has trained dogs for AKC obedience, Schutzhund, Police and Service Dog of America. He has expertise in all aspects of dog training and behavioral issues. Cliff trains in the indoor Joe Aylmer Arena located inside Philadelphia Animal Hospital.

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Dr. Lawrence Rebbecchi created this program in 2011 to help returning disabled Gulf War Vets reacclimate into life at home. Steve Walls, shown in this video, was the first recipient of the program. Steve was given Ava as a puppy in 2011. All veterinary care, medications, training, boarding and grooming are provided to Ava by Philadelphia Animal Hospital, for life at no cost to Steve. This program has great interest and is a way of saying Thank You to our returning vets for their service to our country.

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Philadelphia Animal Hospital has proudly cared for the Philadelphia Police TSA Bomb dog division for the past 10 years. This unit, servicing the Philadelphia International Airport, has 11 explosive detecting dogs that provide safe airways for the traveling public. All veterinary care, surgery and medicine for the dogs are provided by Dr. Lawrence Rebbecchi and his veterinary associates.